1- How can I find or consult a Physician?

eHealth Helps you to find nearest available physician. Please contact us at physician@ehealthmso.com

2- How can I Schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment with you physician by contacting us at 281-573-8819

4- How can I re-schedule an appointment?

You can re-schedule an appointment by calling us before your appointment.


1- How Can I manage my full-service Practice?

eHealth Mso can help you with its turn-key services to manage your practice more managebale.

2- What is EHR? How can i subscribe to eHealth EHR services?

Electronic health record (EHR), or electronic medical record (EMR), is a systematic collection of electronic health information about  patient. ehealth EHR services enable Hospitals or Clinics to keep record of their Patients with high availibitly guranteed.

3- How can I enroll with Hospitals & Insurances? is there any Enrollment Services?

ehealth Mso enrollment and credentialing services can help you to enroll with Hospitals and Insurances. For Enrollment services call us at 281-573-8962 or Email us at credentialing@ehealthmso.com

4- I want my Back office well-managed, what would be the cost?

eHealth Mso helps you to manage your Backoffice to reduce your overheads & cost associated with management.

5- How can I help my denied or rejected claims/billing? or How can i reduce its frequency?

eHealth Billing and Claim processing Services can reduce the chance of rejections in claims processing. Our highly optimised Claim submission process helps your monthly remittance income consistent & timely delivered.